Shipments and Refunds

Fatima´s Advice Inc. Offers a customer´s satisfaction warranty in all of our orders. All products can be returned in order to repay the money, as long as its packaging has not been opened nor damaged; if at the delivery moment the package or product is damaged, or the product received does not correspond the purchased product, please contact immediately with customer service at the email address: so that the deliveryman brings it back directly; likewise, no matter whatever the case please contact our customer service center to coordinate the product´s replacement, money´s refund or other.

All subscription sales are final and there will be no full or partial refunds of the amount paid for purchased services. If you only want to return the merchandise for personal reasons and it is in perfect conditions and in its original packaging, without being opened, the refund will be only for the price of the goods, and not for the shipping charges.

If the returned merchandise had any manufacturing defect or it has not been requested by you, the refund will be of the 100% of its price or it can be changed by another article, plus the shipping charges originally paid by you, plus the shipping charges you incurred in returns, for this you must send a copy of the currier service invoice or receipt. If it is an exchange of merchandise, the returned merchandise and the new article to be sent shipping charges, will be at your own expense. If you wish to return the merchandise for any other reasons and the article is in perfect conditions the reimbursement would be upon the product´s price only, excluding shipping of any kind.

Fatima´s Advice Inc. is not responsible for the quality, safety or reliability of the products sold on its website This responsability falls on the offered products´ manufactures and distributors.

Finally, product warranties are those provided by the manufacturers, being them in all cases who will response if there is a flaw or defect in any of the products purchased by the customer, as well as possible consequences of the same.


Fatima´s Advice WILL NOT accept refunds when:
• Claims are made after 48 hours from the date of receipt of the product.
• Products are returned after the period of 8 working days arranged for this purpose.
• Objects or products have obvious signs of use.
• Objects or products have been taken out of their original packaging.
• Objects or products are not in its original condition, damaged or with missing parts.
• Products are not in their original packaging.
• Products are not returned in its original condition.


The published products may or may not have the taxes included, in any case, it will be indicated in the product´s description if taxes are included, which ones are they and the percentage or amount as the case may be according to the tax. In case they are not included in the sales´price the taxes will be indicated during the purchasing process and also in the electronic invoice that will be sent to you, in case of the products, the printed invoice that will be held to you along with the delivered product is the result of a comercial title.